Dugesia gonocephala (wiki)

Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Platyhelminthes
Class: Rhabditophora
Order: Tricladida
Family: Dugesiidae
Genus: Dugesia
Species: gonocephala

Date: 2019-08-25
Place: 48.783881, 14.765826 (NPP Tercino udoli)
Observer: sumie-dh
Biotope: benthos, under stones
River: Stropnice
Collecting method: manual - brush
Individuals found: 67
Description: Regular check of locality, we needed few really big planarians for microPET experiments. Dark fall already, so I looked for planarians with flash light. I spoted one brightly green animal but didn't attent much sense into this observing because of dark and my tiredness. Later in lab, I looked for this planarian in lot at normal light condition a surprisingly it looked same as in terrain. Intestine of this litlle one is brightly green, while no other animal was colored similary. Not sure what this planarian ingested, on locality I once spoted green larva of sedgefly but it can be anything else in green color. We will watch this one for longer time, this planarian have big box for yourself. Green animal quickly catched our attention, even got name, I caled it Groot ;] This going weird, we love that one ;]

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Dugesia gonocephala
Locality photo

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