Girardia tigrina (wiki)

Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Platyhelminthes
Class: Rhabditophora
Order: Tricladida
Family: Dugesiidae
Genus: Girardia
Species: tigrina

Date: 2022-07-08
Place: 50.24946606044939, 14.618250379446001 (Jezero Krenek-Ovcary)
Elevation: 167 m
Observer: sumie-dh
Biotope: benthos, under stones
River: Borecká svodnice - Labe
Bedrock: Loess, Cretaceous sandstone and marl
Temperature: 21.9 °C
Conductivity: 0.63 mSv
pH: 8.9
Microscope: Carl Zeiss Docuval (dark field)
Amplification: 1x
Collecting method: manual
Individuals found: 7
Duration on stage: 15

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Girardia tigrina

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