Crenobia alpina (wiki)

Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Platyhelminthes
Class: Rhabditophora
Order: Tricladida
Family: Planariidae
Genus: Crenobia
Species: alpina

Date: 2019-04-20
Place: 48.732253, 14.735758 (Hojna voda - Pasecky potok)
Observer: sumie-dh
Biotope: benthos, under stones
River: Paseck√Ĺ potok - Stropnice
Collecting method: manual - brush
Individuals found: 3
Duration on stage: 30
Description: Unexpected find on this brook - three animals found under bridge manualy under stones. All animals are completely white and very small compared to those planarians from other localities. Found together with plenty of Dugesia gonocephala. Day after we placed two traps with liver bait here, but only of huge amount of Dugesia gonocpehala was catched. We also try find some animals of this species upstream and find spring of the creek. Water there was in worst quality than on this place and have higher temperature so no Crenobia planarians was found there. Also downstream - no success.

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Crenobia alpina
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